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This website combines my love for architecture, travel and creativity.

Here you'll find lots of photos, digital paintings and graphic projects as well as some further information on the technicals of featured buildings and their situation. Have a look around, enjoy and feel free to leave your artistic criticism!

I welcome any submissions for the Guest Gallery if you wish get in on your own Skyscraper Obsession...

Waterfront Place

It’s been a long time since a photo was posted up here on Skyscraper Obsession. I think I’ve been too busy working in jQuery, CSS and the various CMS’s where I’ve started to acquire the identity of a techie guy. It’s true! Even though I look … [read more]

Just woke up… Somewhere!

Just Woke Up.... Somewhere, Nick KindCold morning in Melbourne today. As I was warming myself up with a coffee I also warmed up my head by doing a quick graphic before I start the day. I’m becoming addicted to textures. Whether it’s stone surfaces, burned out and warped negatives and photos … [read more]

Hiding from the City

Hiding from the City, Nick KindI’m not 100% happy with the finish here and it’s only in 96 dpi – let’s stick it in Concepts for now. So this was created with the usual journey of Photoshop brushes, textures and plenty of Overlay blends. But this time I actually created the … [read more]

United Overseas Bank Plaza One

On a particularly gloomy and humid day in Singapore, I was hunting around the Opera House to find some interesting shots. I couldn’t help but peep through the nearby palm trees to get a glimpse of the skyline overlooking Marina Bay and I found a nice … [read more]

La Defense and the wonders of Camera RAW

La Defense, by Nick KindI still get surprised at how powerful the post production facilities can be in Adobe Camera RAW. This was a shot I took a year ago when I visited Paris in the Winter of 2010. It wasn’t the greatest shot as it was so cold I … [read more]

Delhi Recycling Center by Atelier CMJN

Delhi Recycling Center, by Atelier CMJNevolo Magazine runs a competition every year which recognises the most “Outstanding ideas that redefine skyscraper design through the use of new technologies, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations, along with studies on globalization, flexibility, adaptability, and the digital revolution.”

Within the competition are some amazing … [read more]

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House, Nick KindIt’s not strictly high rise architecture at all. But as a true world class icon the Sydney Opera House certainly deserves a mention on this site. Only 67m tall, it does seems higher when you stand infront of it, but so gracefully designed with such an … [read more]

AMP Building, 33 Alfred Street

AMP Building, Nick KindBuilt in 1962, the AMP Building on Alfred Street is a wonderful example of 1960′s architecture, especially for such a fast moving and modern city. It was actually the first tower to break the 46m height limit in Sydney which was lifted in 1957. So At … [read more]

Governor Phillip Tower

Governor Phillip Tower, Nick KindCurrently the 5th Tallest building in Sydney and the the 14th tallest in Australia, Governor Phillip Tower rises to 254m (to the spire)  and was completed in 1993.

The break in the bad weather meant I was shooting very quickly and all of my Sydney posts … [read more]

Greenwich World by Nick Alcock

Greenwich-World, by Nick AlcockWhat better way to open the Skyscraper Obsession guest gallery with a photograph from a fellow London Photographic Association winner Nick Alcock. This particular shot “Greenwich World” from his “Worlds” Exhibition was taken from the very top of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich London, UK.

This … [read more]