United Overseas Bank Plaza One

On a particularly gloomy and humid day in Singapore, I was hunting around the Opera House to find some interesting shots. I couldn’t help but peep through the nearby palm trees to get a glimpse of the skyline overlooking Marina Bay and I found a nice frame to the United Overseas Bank Plaza building. With Republic Plaza and the Overseas Union Bank Centre, this tower stands joint top in the Singapore skyline at 280m.

I felt this picture really reflected my day. It’s hard work in these conditions with the humidity fogging up your lens and constantly wiping the sweat off the back of the camera from where your face has been pressing! But worth the journey. Lots of palms tell the story of the park and immense green of the city, it’s just a shame about the lack of blue sky.

Time for a beer I think…

Nick Kind

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By James - Guest on August 30, 2011 at 15:20

I agree about humid weather, my Nikon D80 kept turning itself off when I was in Singapore…

Nice shot


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