Hiding from the City

Hiding from the City, Nick KindI’m not 100% happy with the finish here and it’s only in 96 dpi – let’s stick it in Concepts for now. So this was created with the usual journey of Photoshop brushes, textures and plenty of Overlay blends. But this time I actually created the … [read more]

Population Boom

Population Boom, Nick KindIn a very similar vein to ‘Futuristic Scribbles’, only the population has cleary increased on the mountain. I think this would make a great digital painting one day, but until then it remains a concept. I think my computer was serviced again!

Nick Kind… [read more]

Futuristic Scribbles

Futuristic Scribbles, Nick KindI don’t know why I draw these, but I draw them a lot. Whilst I’m waiting for my computer to render or be serviced, I find scribbling like this keeps your mind ‘warm’ and in the zone.  There’s nothing worse than loosing your thread, cooling off … [read more]

Lost City

Lost City, Nick KindBefore I started to get good at these scribbles I had to make a load of scruffy ones! The idea here was to make something like a conceptual scene from a sci-fi art collection; it might take a few more times to get there of course, … [read more]