Just woke up… Somewhere!

Just Woke Up.... Somewhere, Nick KindCold morning in Melbourne today. As I was warming myself up with a coffee I also warmed up my head by doing a quick graphic before I start the day. I’m becoming addicted to textures. Whether it’s stone surfaces, burned out and warped negatives and photos … [read more]

Free Wallpaper for slow computers

Slow PC Wallpaper, Nick KindWhilst waiting and waiting and waiting for my second PC to wake up, I decided to give it a custom feel by creating this geeky, but rather nice wallpaper. (Created on my other computer of course). Using my very own Skyscraper Obsession Skyline brush I came … [read more]

Stormy Weather

101130 - Stormy Weather, Nick KindI didn’t think this deserved the arty platform of a painting so I stuck it in graphics. We’ve had a lot of rain this Autumn in Melbourne.  Enough Said!


Nick Kind… [read more]

Melbourne Playtime

Melbourne Playtime, Think SodaHere’s a mixed up graphic of the local Melbourne Skyscrapers. The idea was to create an environmentally friendly road into the city. But we ended up using black and white and thus we lost the message; and our direction! It’s nice to put it out there … [read more]

3D City Skyline

3D City Skyline, Think SodaAlthough this was actually a concept, I’m putting this into the Graphics category on Sky Obs. I thought I’d make a few test scenarios to base 3D model cites on. The idea being to have some sort of fly through to demonstrate basic animation, hopefully! 

So … [read more]

Gotta Dash..!

Batman, Nick KindEveryone goes through a Batman phase! Mine started about 25 years ago and I’m still going strong. Enough said…

I really enjoy this blurry misty light. All done in Photoshop, there’s lots and lots of simple shapes with gaussian blurs all blended with overlay. I think … [read more]

In the Desert

In the desert, Think SodaI was just playing around on some basic city scapes set in unusual scenarios. I’m not really sure where this is; it might even be another planet! But I feel like Dubai inspired me a little – there’s definitely something nice about the contrast of the … [read more]

Monochrome Sands

Monochrome Sands, Nick KindI’m going through a phase of creating these scenes. Here’s another one called In The Desert. As I say in that post, I’m probably inspired by Dubai here. But this looks great in black and white, even if I do say so myself!

Very quick … [read more]

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum, Nick KindThis is a bit of a tribute to the skyscrapers I’ve been inside so far. It’s mostly Australia, but the very little one on the left is actually one of the tallest buildings in my home town of Leicester UK!  

It was also a poster idea … [read more]