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Waterfront Place

It’s been a long time since a photo was posted up here on Skyscraper Obsession. I think I’ve been too busy working in jQuery, CSS and the various CMS’s where I’ve started to acquire the identity of a techie guy. It’s true! Even though I look … [read more]

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House, Nick KindIt’s not strictly high rise architecture at all. But as a true world class icon the Sydney Opera House certainly deserves a mention on this site. Only 67m tall, it does seems higher when you stand infront of it, but so gracefully designed with such an … [read more]

AMP Building, 33 Alfred Street

AMP Building, Nick KindBuilt in 1962, the AMP Building on Alfred Street is a wonderful example of 1960′s architecture, especially for such a fast moving and modern city. It was actually the first tower to break the 46m height limit in Sydney which was lifted in 1957. So At … [read more]

Governor Phillip Tower

Governor Phillip Tower, Nick KindCurrently the 5th Tallest building in Sydney and the the 14th tallest in Australia, Governor Phillip Tower rises to 254m (to the spire)  and was completed in 1993.

The break in the bad weather meant I was shooting very quickly and all of my Sydney posts … [read more]

385 Bourke Street

385 Bourke Street, Nick KindI visited the top floor of the new Myer shopping centre on Bourke Street and couldn’t believe the view. It’s only the 7th floor but the contrast of old and new architecture makes it a spectacular scene. Fortunately I had my camera with me and took … [read more]

The Palladio

The Palladio, Nick KindI wasn’t going to talk about this building until I found lots of pictures of it in Flickr. I thought there might be something interesting to talk about so I went to research. Unfortunelty I was swamped with Melbourne Docklands Real Estate websites and haven’t been … [read more]


Lucient, Nick KindJust down the road from Balencea we have another new residential tower called Lucient. With such a varying range of architecture, St Kilda Road is becoming a bit of a hot spot my shoots. I love the way the high contrast has brought out all the … [read more]


Balencea, Nick KindA brand new building for St Kilda Road in Melborune, Balencea boasts a sleek looking glass facade. I took this picture whilst on an urban shoot for Framelines Magazine. It wasn’t part of my brief at all, I simply couldn’t resist the shot.


Nick Kind… [read more]

AXA Building

AXA Building, Nick KindThe Axa Building is no major height breaker here in Melbourne’s CBD. Just around the corner from the Realto Towers it stands at 9om high. But, I just love this shot! It’s so easy to get a sharp and contrasty picture on such a bright day. … [read more]

Melbourne Playtime

Melbourne Playtime, Think SodaHere’s a mixed up graphic of the local Melbourne Skyscrapers. The idea was to create an environmentally friendly road into the city. But we ended up using black and white and thus we lost the message; and our direction! It’s nice to put it out there … [read more]